Astrologer Shakti Swaroop is there for you to help you lead a happier and smooth life through his wisdom of astrology but in no way does he assume any responsibility for mishandling of the information which the readers or the viewers of the website obtain from various resources like telephone,website,mail or through any kind of personal interaction.

Astrologer Shakti Swaroop is not liable for any kind of decision that you make after listening to the advice of this reputed astrologer or the lessons and the readings given by him.He is there to help you out using his knowledge of astrology acquired over years and not to replace professional advices offered in health care sector or the religion and the finance sector.He will also not be responsible if any emotional loss or personal loss arises to you after availing his services.

There are no assurances or guarantees that you will be benefitted emotionally,financially or personally using the services of Astrologer Shakti Swaroop.These are solely your decisions and conclusions that you arrive at after getting in touch with the astrologer.Your fees that you pay using credit card,cheque or cash is non-refundable.These stipulations,however,are not there to limit your rights and you can fully exercise your rights in case any death or injury occurs to you due to negligence on our part.

One more thingAstrologer Shakti Swaroop does offer the service of helping people reunite with their loved ones but there is no guarantee in that too as this reunion depends on a whole lot of factors.Various efforts are required for this and hence the results may vary from couple to couple.

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